Green Superfoods Are Important To Eat On A Regular Basis

Green Superfoods Are Important To Eat On A Regular BasisWhat you know about green superfoods can make a bigger positive impact on your life than you know. People end up encountering all kinds of symptoms and health conditions due to dietary deficiencies and lack of exercise, among other bad habits. Lifestyle choices are important, and you need to find out about green super foods that you can put on your plate to help make your diet better and your body healthier.

You’ll notice when you look at super food lists that not all of them are green. Some people like to make just green smoothies, and you will want to probably think about the taste as well. There are smoothie recipes, or you can just simply put the green superfood endorsed by Tim Ferriss on your dinner plate. For the first two examples of green foods on this list, I’m going to give you two types of grass. Now doesn’t that just sound appetizing.

Seriously, these two types of grass are great food choices and good for those green smoothies. You’ll hear about wheat grass being put in smoothies often, and barley grass is the other one. Next up is wild blue-green algae. Now you can see why people put some of this stuff in smoothies. That doesn’t sound so bad mixed in with things that taste well. However, put some blue green algae on the side with your steak, and you’re not going to want to touch the stuff.

There are plenty of green vegetables that you can enjoy though that would be a good side dish. You can cook them and spice them up any way you want as long as you don’t fatten them up too much. Spinach, kale and broccoli are three of the popular green super food vegetables to enjoy. Which ones are your favorite?